Abakus Clothing Designer Deborah Baker

New Zealand born, Sunshine Coast based fashion designer Deborah Baker spent 4 years immersed in Japanese culture and aesthetics during time spent living in Tokyo, Japan in the early 90s.


It was there that she developed her love of the Japanese Arts, Fabrics and Design. "The depth of history behind the essential motifs, use of colour and production of Kimono cloth has always fascinated me"


Having study the Japanese language and Calligraphy, her love continued whilst working in a Japanese Airline for almost 10 years. "Every opportunity to visit Japan was an inspiration - and the more I go, the more I want to visit again"


"I love the balance of nature versus technology, ancient versus modern. Each season is so distinguishable, not only in nature, but in Japanese culture. Even the food in Japan is influenced by the seasons and each change brings a new dish with different seasonal ingredients.


"I love the Shinto belief of the balance and harmony between people and their environment, and I try to mimic that perfect balance in my designs"


Her collection of vintage Kimonos, inspire Deborah's designs, and one of her favourites hangs in her studio. "It's design is impressive and timeless and it is so rich in colour" . Her classic dress coats are an example of this commitment to balance of design and versatility.


The Abakus Design label is tailored clothing with highlights of Japanese fabric to bring a little glamour and uniqueness into the world.


"My designs consider the everyday womens shape and balances most body types out. My clients inspire me and are the passion behind what I do, create beautiful pieces of wearable art"

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